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In this blog, I try to show you some proof of how the software works.  The sample articles you see here  are PLR .  I did not hire someone to write specific articles to use in the example of our software.  However if you do, your uniqueness and readability are much higher.

There are two categories. One is Original Article and one is Super Spun Article.

What it means is that the original articles you see here are exactly those that I used inside the Super Spun Article Creation Software.

The software took 20 original articles and put them together one super spun article.  I then place that super spun article here in this blog and set it to produce a new article each day.

The articles you see under “super spun articles are the same as those original articles you see here but spun differently using sentences and paragraphs taken from the original articles.

The “Unique” term used here is indeed a lose term, and I don’t want to mislead you in any way. Unique means it is different from all other original articles in terms of sentences and paragraph’s placement and order. Words within each sentence are kept the same.  Super spun do not provide synonyms swapping like you’ve seen with spin jet, etc.   The lowest level of spinning is per sentence and paragraph.

However, you’re welcome to add your own synonyms swapping once your super spun article is created to provide further protection.

Any question you may have about this software you can email me at knguyen at superspunsoftware.com



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