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Imagine what it would be like if you could take 100 unique articles and create millions articles without writing an extra word?

Well you don’t have to keep wondering because the answer is in the Super Spun Article Collation Software you’re about to see in this online report.  

You may be wondering how a software can realistically create million of unique articles from only 100 articles?

The magic is in how I wrote it and others credit due to the power of permutation of sentences.  Let’ say you have 40 articles each has 13 paragraphs.  You take 40x13 = 520 paragraphs total.  The power of permutation with allowable duplication tells me that with 520 paragraphs in all and randomly taken 13 paragraphs out of them will result in 520 power of 13.  That’s my friend resulting in a whopping total of ==> 2.032560433728501e+35 articles. THIS IS ONLY from the original 40 ARTICLES. My software allows you to have a maximum of 100 articles to use.

Super Spun Article Collation software is not:

  1. ... about writing the same article 10 times with different wordings, sentences and paragraphs
  2. ... about swapping synonyms
  3. ... about duplicate content
  4. ... about tricking the search engine

Super spun in its traditional ways would work well but it’s totally risky to use them today.  You’ll want original articles for your websites and you also want millions of them at the cost of 100.  

Here is the only product in the world at this writing which can stand on its own merits of providing you the best of both worlds.

Just to demonstrate the awesomeness of this software, we’re taking 40 original articles with about 300 words each and we fed those articles through Super spun collation software.  

The permutation and combination formula state that with 40 articles and approximately 13 sentences each will produce at the minimum 1 million articles plus.  Spun the final result through The Best Spinner it was saying my spun articles were 99 percent uniqueness.

Of course the readability quality is entirely depended upon how you write them.  These above articles were written in varieties of topics and not that closely match the intended keywords.  Just imagine with just even 10 articles  but they are written for specific keyword quality results are assured.

Here is what my customers said about this software on Fiverr.

Here is screen shots of all comments I received.  Please be advised that these articles are not ORIGINAL they are PLR articles.  Just notice how this software collated them in such a magical way that they sound incredible and readable by users.

Within 15 minutes after you complete your order, you will receive the download link and start to unlock the power that will allow you to create unstoppable traffic to your sites via articles that are impressive to read as well as sales and back links to boost.

Super Spun articles concept has taken many businesses from unfit to profit using its amazing qualities of being able to provide spun articles with readable sentences and paragraphs.  Now it has truly surpassed its original intent by allowing you to create super spun article for any niche in any number of times.  The created spun articles can be placed inside your back links campaign, your blogs, your bookmark software, your comments and truly set it and forget it. You now can just simply use articles in your possession at any time, at any length or word count whenever you need more spun articles.

And of course because you get so much more out of every dollar you spend, finally you can afford the kind of quality articles that make you proud..

I dare you to try this software and prove to yourself what it can do to your business after helping you get flooded traffic and all of those sales to your site.  Go ahead and consider this challenge right now.

Try it now, risk-free. If you are not satisfied, let me know within the first 60 days, and will issue a no-hassle refund. Although it is highly unlikely that you would be anything less than thrilled with Super Spun Article Collation software should you decide to request a refund, the three free bonuses are yours to keep and enjoy as my gift just for taking me up on this offer.


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Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7

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Does not work with MAC

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